Directions for Internet Signon to National Forwarding's AS/400 Using InterNet Explorer

IMPORTANT: If your Internet provider is AOL, connect to the Internet with AOL, then

open Internet Explorer and proceed as follows. If Internet Explorer on your computer is AOL's version, you'll need to download it from the Internet.

1. Internet address for Internet Explorer users is : HTTP://WWW.NATIONALFORWARDING.COM



2. Click on "NFC." It's the first selection on the screen.

3. Click on "Network Logon."

4. You will see a screen with three options: "Display," "Printer" and "File Transfer"

Click on "Display"

NOTE: If this is the first time you have logged on to our system, you will need to

download some files. answer YES to "Do you want to install

and run Microsoft.... " and YES to "Always Trust Farabi." This may take a while.

You may also have to download some "DLLs" and you may need to reboot after

This is done. If you get a screen with fonts on it, just close it and keep going.

5. Enter your first user id and password in the "Hostfront Server Signon" boxes.

6. You are now on an AS/400 signon screen.

Enter your second user id to the right of "User." 

Enter your second password to the right of "Password."

7. You will get a display entitled "Agents Online - Main Menu."

Option #1 will display an up-to-date tonnage report. The first screen allows you to select date and the type of shipments to display. Just press ENTER to select the

defaults. The next screen will display all current shipments. It may be refreshed

by pressing F5.

Option #2 will display an up-to-date screen of your shipments. There is no refresh key for this option. Press F3 to exit.

Option #3 will take you to an on-line pre-registration menu.

See instructions entitled "ENTERING ON-LINE PRE-REGISTRATIONS."

Option #90 will sign you off the AS/400.

8. After signing off, click the third icon from the left on your tool bar at the top of the screen to

disconnect the session you are using. The AS/400 screen will go blank.

Close down your AS/400 session by clicking the far right box at the top. Please be sure to

disconnect the session. Close down the "NFC" display by clicking the far right box at the top.

If you are on-line more than 30 minutes without any activity (keystrokes), the computer

will "time you out." At this point, you will need to disconnect the session and start over.

Call (708) 345-0550 and talk to Jim (x2979) or Judy  (x5998) if you have any problems. Our fax # is (708) 345-3245.